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IHL Roadshow 2015

Posted on 11/9/2015

Building an Agile Government

Posted on 7/15/2015

Cyber Security Seminar

Posted on 3/3/2014

Taiwan Delegates Visited SiTF

Posted on 12/5/2014

Secured Coding With Jim Manico

Posted on 11/18/2014

Introduction to drone #2

Posted on 9/4/2014

PPPO - AIPMM Singapore Meetup

Posted on 2/28/2014

Introduction to drone

Posted on 7/16/2014

ICT Industry Volunteers' Day 2014

Posted on 7/15/2014

IHL Roadshow 2014

Posted on 7/15/2014

Cyber Security Affects Everyone

Posted on 6/24/2014

Up close with Ng Tian Beng

Posted on 2/25/2014

Enjoy the ride with Saw Ken Wye

Posted on 3/11/2014

The Changing Composition of Cloud

Posted on 3/26/2013

Investing in Hope and Faith…

Posted on 5/19/2013

IT is abuzz again

Posted on 3/4/2014

PPPO Visits Nanyang Polytechnic

Posted on 4/22/2014

Think Tankers Kickoff Session

Posted on 5/31/2013

It’s Design Lah!

Posted on 10/29/2013

Building bonds of a lifetime

Posted on 2/18/2014

PPPO Visits Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Posted on 4/22/2014

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